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Humpilates; Revolutionizing Fitness

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Although this method of training is completely absurd, it”s no more ridiculous then Jeff Costa”s “Cardio Striptease.” Of course you”re going to burn calories if you engage in an hour of Cardio Striptease, but I can assure you, that an hour of Jimmy Kimmel”s “Humpilates” will do the same. Everyone is looking for that magic [...]

6-Pack Abs: Part One

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One of the most abused exercises performed in gyms are crunches and sit-ups, and I’m putting a large part of the blame on aerobics instructors. Almost every “ab class” across the country is filled to the max with people doing hundreds ofcrunches, sit-ups, twists, and bends, with the burning desire to one day walk out [...]


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“The Human Trainer” Demonstrated By World Champion Athlete Chrisie Allemand The Compound at BB3 Performance Center Metabolic Conditioning: Beast Mode Sarah Grace Chest, Bicep, & CORE Training Off-Season Soccer Conditioning with All-County Soccer Star Jonathon Bell TRX Total Body Circuit for Fat-Loss Pull-Up Variations: A study of Citizen s students in Boston, MA and [...]