TRX-System: Good or Bad?

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Many people have seen them, a few have had the experience of training on one, but the real question is: Do they work? I’m referring to the extremely popular TRX-System. Training facilities are catching onto the growing popularity of the TRX-System and are now offering group classes to cash in on what’s becoming the next fitness craze.

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The company has been around for 7 years. I had the opportunity to pilot one of the first TRX-System classes in San Francisco, California. The product has definitely taken off since then and having used the TRX for quite some time now, I can definitely tell you that it’s not good, it’s GREAT! The TRX is a body weight suspension training system, which teaches and allows you to use your own body weight as a form of resistance. But just as with every other

training tool out there, there is a right and wrong way of using it.

Below is a list of benefits for the TRX-System:

  • Extremely easy to use and to adjust the degrees of difficulty
  • Portable
  • Can train all muscles of the body
  • Teaches body awareness and control
  • Can be used for strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility training

There are two problems people run into when using the TRX-System. First, they think the TRX is the answer to every problem area they have and they end up turning into a “TRX Groupie”. These are the people that run to every TRX class offered and think just because Superbowl MVP Drew Brees trains on a TRX, they need to as well. Drew Brees incorporates the TRX-System into his training, he doesn’t limit himself to only the TRX. Make sure you realize the difference. The second problem you see people having when using the TRX-System is that they have no control over what they are trying to work. Like I’ve said in previous posts, our bodies are extremely efficient at whatever we attempt to do, and we can always find a way to get things done, even if it’s not the correct way.

Body weight training (which the TRX-System is) can be a phenomenal way to train if done properly. Think about some of the most effective Mobile Health is a New York provider of saliva drug test detection times ing services for employers of all size and industries. movements that have been around since the beginning of time:

  • Push Ups
  • Pull Ups
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Plyometrics (jumping & bounding)

We use these movements every day, over and over again. Training yourself in a way that not only makes you stronger at these movements, but more efficient, should be a partial goal of any exercise program. I’m not saying to do all your workouts on the TRX (because then you’ll turn into a groupie and we’ll make fun of you), but incorporating some of the movements in a controlled manner, will stimulate your muscles in a completely undiscovered way.  Below is an effective and challenging circuit using the TRX-System. It consists of four different movements combined in a circuit training fashion. Before you tell me it’s easy and doesn’t look too challenging, try it out yourself and then get back to me. The workout is as follows and be sure to check out the video to see exactly how it’s supposed to be done.

TRX-SYSTEM FULL generic levitra online BODY BLAST

(Created by

A1: Single-Leg Suspended Lunges (15-20 reps each leg)

A2: Push-Ups (12-15 reps)

A3: Squat Jumps (15-20 reps)

A4: Inverted Rows w/ Hip Extension (12-15 reps)

*Rest 30-60 seconds & repeat circuit 4-5 times

If you”re interested in purchasing a TRX-System, click on the link to the right: TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack

20 Responses to “TRX-System: Good or Bad?”

  1. Billy Beck III

    Great program B-Francis!

  2. Judy Post

    You introduced me to the TRX system back when and now my current trainer often includes TRX exercises during our workouts. Love the different challenges!

    • Bryan Francis

      Hey Judy! I’m so excited to hear that you’re still using your TRX, and it’s definitely come along way since we started using it. I’m sure it has a lot to do with your outstanding golf performance as well ;-)


    Great Workout B-Francis! Love the TRX!!

  4. Rita

    good article Bryan. i always enjoy reading your articles!

  5. Steve Hintergardt

    Great info! I mainly need to train with body weight due to work requirements. I’m getting one for sure now after reading what you had to say.

    • Bryan Francis

      Hintageezy!! What’s up brother? The TRX really is an awesome and effective piece of equipment. And if body weight training is all you’re limited to, its by far your best option. Hope you’re doing well and let me know how things go. Take care man!

  6. Sammy
  7. Grace Miller

    So I guess TRX (or the definition I know: Total Resistance eXercise) is nationally, if not worldwide, known. I only started taking offered classes at my local YMCA back in the Spring and found it very efficient. I used to ride horses a lot, and the training involved with TRX helped. Also, I sometimes am not always in sync with body awareness, on myself, therefore the consequences are grave. Like forgetting to breathe deeply, and correctly. Which, being a personal trainer yourself you might know the correct way to take deep breaths. Anyways, great blog and keep up the great work.

    • Bryan Francis

      -Hey Grace, thanks for the feedback and comment. The TRX really is a great piece of equipment and if implemented correctly, can give you great results. Body awareness is tremendously important in EVERY activity you engage in, especially exercise and training. When you’re constantly aware of your body during exercise, you’ll soon sub-consciously engage all those muscles with other activities you participate in outside of working out. Thanks again for sharing and best of luck with everything :-)

  8. Jae@SportsRnews

    That looks like a simple yet challenging workout using the trx. Thanks for this!

  9. Sheldon

    Great workout and tough!

    Will you be posting another TRX routine?


  10. marcus

    I was looking at the vid and it says at the end to visit your site for the full workout, but its the same vid. Am i missing something?

  11. Denis

    Nice roid belly she has

    i agree, you can incorporate this trx thing into your workouts but relying on it is stupid. IMO there’s nothing better than lifting weights. if you want to go light on weights go light, if you want to go heavier go heavier, depending on your needs, but with this thing you’re kind of stuck

    • Trx addict

      Ummmmmm, I have worked with the TRX for 3 years. Let me see you do 50 bicep curls at the most increased depth you can get to. Then tell me your “limited”. But you may fall over, if you can even finish.
      I teach this course myself. Yes I always incorporate weights into my routines. The one thing I will NEVER be doing, is entering the gym and choosing not to incorporate the TRX. Atomic push-ups, burpees, sprinter start, reverse bicep curl??? Yes, that is awesome!!
      Thanks for the video!! Her form looks off during her row then hip press. Maybe her body is shaped different than an average human. the video appears like her spine is strained. She should be more in line to create less tension on her neck?


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