Fasted Cardio: Good or Bad?

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There are many misconceptions about health and fitness but this has to be one of the top three that gets under my skin.  It’s not the uneducated exercisers that get my blood pressure elevated, but rather the so-called “fitness professionals” that are advising people to perform the “fasted cardio” method of training to achieve optimal [...]


Rowing Intervals

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A few months ago before I left South Florida, I had a debate with a close friend/colleague of mine, about what was more beneficial in regards to interval training between the AirDyne bike and the Rower. From personal experience, I was in complete favor of the AirDyne bike, while my colleague was in support of [...]


Plyometrics: Are You Qualified To Do Them?

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The growing popularity of boot-camps, cardio classes, and CrossFit has made plyometrics a integral part of almost every training program. The infamous P90X is notorious for their plyometric DVD, and has termed plyometric training as “jump training”. Although jumping is an example of a plyometric mmovement, we can also perform upper body plyometrics as well. [...]


Ascending/Descending Intervals

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term paper writing services div style=”display: none;”> kamagra fedex Stupid Gym Shit was on hiatus for a few months dealing with some personal issues, but I’m proud to announce that the site is back in full force. I’m very grateful for all the support and feedback I continue to get, and love all the emails [...]

Chicken Apple Chili

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div style=”display: none;”>how to get ex girlfriend to come back Many people believe that in order to eat healthy you have to eat tasteless and boring foods. This may be true if you fall into one of best prices on genuine pfizer viagra these two categories below. 1. You’re lazy! 2. Your intelligence stops at [...]

Tabata Intervals

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write an essay div style=”display: none;”> As the general public becomes more aware that interval training can burn 9 times more fat than steady-state cardio training they’ll look high and low for that miraculous interval program that will give them the greatest results in the least amount of time. People are ALWAYS looking for what [...]

The Functional Training Frenzy

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Internet-Based Business Functional Training has become a growing term in the fitness industry over the past ten years and has grown in popularity by the endorsement of some of the world’s top strength and conditioning coaches. Below are three definitions of what functional training is: “An exercise continuum involving balance and proprioception, performed with the [...]

The Best Upper Body Exercise

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People are always searching for those magical exercises that will give them the greatest results in the shortest amount of time, and many times it’s the simplest movements that elicit the greatest results. If you want to develop a strong and muscular upper body, you MUST do pull-ups. Just as squats can be thought of [...]

Plan of Attack

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The next time you’re exercising at the gym, do me a favor and count the number of people you see that are actually following a written program in their hand. I’ve always noticed that there’s a direct correlation between those who follow a written plan, and the physical changes you notice over time and those [...]